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How to Protect Your Home from Electrical Surges

Electrical surges are responsible for millions of dollars of property damage each year in the U.S. These power surges can instantly overload and short-out the circuity of home electronics and appliances. This happens because an increase in voltage above an appliance’s normal operation voltage causes an arc of electrical current within the appliance. The heat generated from this arc causes damage to the electronic circuit boards and other electrical components.

Even small, repeated power surges can slowly damage your electronic equipment over time. Your appliances may continue to function after small surges occur, until the integrity of the electronic components decreases and finally erodes. As a result, these smaller power surges eventually shorten the lifespan of appliances and electronics. So what can you do about it?

The Benefits of Whole-House Surge Protection

Whole house surge protection is integrated within the root of your electrical system, the electrical panel. This offers full protection against surges and the damage they can do to your televisions, computers, refrigerator, AC unit, and other major appliances. Power surges can come from something outside the house such as a lightning strike or downed power line. They can also occur due to major appliances within your home. Therefore, you never know when you’ll experience a power surge, making protection vital.

Installing a whole-house surge protector is the best way to protect your high-priced electronics and appliances. It doesn’t take much of a power surge to wipe out delicate electronics and it can cost as much to replace a circuit board as it can to buy a new electronic device. A surge protection system saves you from dealing with ruined electronics and also saves you money.

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