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Ice on Your AC Is a Bad Sign!

Ice in your freezer is usually a good sign, especially if you’ve got an ice maker or a few sets of ice cube trays. They’re perfect for those summer drinks that keep you cool and comfortable. However, ice in other areas of your home is usually a bad sign, particularly when it comes to your air conditioner. Your AC isn’t a freezer, and it’s not supposed to cool things down to 32°F or below. If it does, then you’ll start to notice some pretty severe problems that we’ll get to down below.

We want to start this blog post by pointing you in the right direction. If you do have ice growing on your air conditioning system, we urge you to call our team for air conditioning repair in Helotes. Our team can get to work fixing the problem and ensuring that the cool air doesn’t get caught growing ice, and is instead sent through your air ducts where it belongs.

Why Does Ice Grow on an Air Conditioner?

Ice can grow in any environment where there are two ingredients: moisture and cold air. Moisture is the actual material that the ice is made out of, and the cold air is what super-chills it to the point of being ice. This is hard to come by when temperatures are 90°F during the summer, so what exactly is going on to allow this special phenomenon to occur?

There could be a lot of causes of this problem, but here’s the deal. When your air conditioner cools the air in your house, moisture from the humidity in the air can condense along the coils of the system. If the air from the system is too cold and isn’t being circulated properly, it will cool that moisture to the point where it freezes into ice. A lot of different things need to happen at once for this to occur, but it does happen, and it can be tricky to get rid of.

While you can always call our team for help, if you’re curious, keep reading to learn about the various different causes of ice on your AC.

The Cause of AC Ice

Here are a few examples of why ice might form on your AC.

  • Leaking refrigerant. With less refrigerant, your AC won’t be able to absorb heat properly, causing the refrigerant to stay cold and continue to get colder, while not being able to cool your home.
  • A clogged air filter. The air inside of your air conditioner, once cooled, needs to make it into the rooms of your home. If your air conditioner’s air filter is clogged, it will constrict airflow. The air inside of the system will be cold enough to make ice, but the rest of your home will be hot!
  • A broken blower motor. If the blower motor doesn’t send the air into your home, the air inside of your air conditioner will continue to cool until it reaches freezing levels.

We could go on, but the important thing remains that you should always call for professional support when you encounter this problem.

Call D’Spain Sales & Service for AC repairs you can count on.

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