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Is It Time for a New Air Conditioner?


Texas is a beautiful state to live in. But it’s not so enjoyable when a heat wave hits in the summer if you haven’t got a nice, cool, air-conditioned home to retreat to. Is your AC ready for another summer of long hours and hard work? Or is it struggling, inefficient, or in need of repair? Is it time for a new air conditioner

If Your Air Conditioner Is Old

Age is a major consideration in when an air conditioner needs to retire. While some may last twelve years or even a bit more, an air conditioner should be considered old at ten years of age. Once you’ve passed that point, planning your AC replacement would be sensible.

If Your Air Conditioner Is in Poor Shape

Do you have annual maintenance done on your air conditioner by a qualified professional? If not, the life expectancy of the system will drop dramatically. You might only get five to seven years from it, rather than ten to twelve. 

If Your Air Conditioner Needs a Major Repair

If your AC unit is fairly new, even a pretty expensive repair might be worthwhile. That investment might keep it running for several more years. But a costly repair to a much older unit could be a waste of money. No matter what repairs are performed, a twelve-year-old air conditioner is not going to last much longer.

If Your Air Conditioner Needs Frequent Repairs

Minor repair costs can be, well, minor. And if you’re not paying much for each repair, it’s easy to consider them only one at a time. But those costs can really pile up. Air conditioners shouldn’t require repairs every summer. They definitely shouldn’t require them more than once a summer! And as the unit gets older, those needs will just keep coming up. At some point, enough is enough.

If Your Air Conditioner Is Inefficient

There are two ways to look at this. First, has the system’s efficiency been dropping? For many years, routine maintenance should be able to bring the efficiency back up each year. Eventually, though, the air conditioner has experienced so much wear and tear that it will never fully recover, even with maintenance. 

Second, how efficient was the system when it was brand-new? Not nearly as efficient as today’s air conditioners. New advances in AC technology include new materials for refrigerant coils, variable-speed motors, and multi-stage compressors, all of which reduce the amount of energy that’s necessary for the system to run. 

If your air conditioner’s efficiency has dropped, or if it’s always used a lot of energy, a new high-efficiency air conditioner would be an amazing upgrade. Your home would be more evenly cool and your electric bill would be lower. That alone might be reason enough to look into your options for air conditioning installation in Fredericksburg, TX.

If you have any questions about whether your old system is worth saving, or if you want to plan your AC replacement, we’d love to help.

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