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Your Air Conditioner Should NOT Smell


Air conditioners generate cold air. They make a bit of moisture, due to the condensation developing on their cold refrigerant coils. They definitely make some noise, although that noise should be steady and consistent, not sudden, loud, or jarring. But one thing that an air conditioner definitely should not make is an odor. If your AC has a smell, you need to schedule AC repair. Here’s what might be going on…


One smell that can occur when there’s an air conditioner problem is mold. As we mentioned above, air conditioners do draw moisture out of the air, just the way an ice-cold drink does. This condensation drips into the condensate pan below the evaporator coils in the indoor AC unit. From there, it flows out a drainage line and outside your house.

If the moisture isn’t draining properly and is instead sitting in the pan, mold can grow. The mold itself can cause a blockage to the drain, worsening the problem. Mold reproduces by releasing spores into the air, so the smell of mold indicates an air quality problem. Don’t ignore it! Get help from a qualified professional.


There are many, many types of bacteria in the world—literally millions. Some are beneficial, like those that help with digestion; and some are harmful, like those that cause serious illness. But one thing they all have in common is that they require water to live. If your air conditioner smells sour or rotten, there’s a good likelihood that you have a bacterial colony developing in your condensate pan.


When appliances overheat, they can make some unpleasant smells. Scorched dust or burning plastic are odors that indicate excess heat, almost definitely in the blower fan motor of your air conditioner. If you get it repaired promptly enough, the motor might be able to be saved. 

If you allow it to keep overheating, the wiring can become fused together. Once that happens, you need a whole new motor. You could even be at risk of a fire, so we recommend turning off your AC unit until you can get it repaired.


It may seem strange, but the odor of dead and decaying fish is something you should keep an eye—or rather, a nose—out for. Why? Well, when fish decompose, they release ammonia into the air. Another thing that generates ammonia is an electrical fire. If you smell fish, you may be facing a dangerous problem!

Electrical fires are serious business. If you smell fish, turn your air conditioner off immediately. You need AC repair in Fair Oaks Ranch, TX before you even consider turning that AC unit back on. Don’t risk your wellbeing, the lives of your family and pets, or the safety of your home. Get the help you need right away.

If you have concerns about odors, noises, or anything else worrisome with your air conditioner, we’d be happy to answer your questions and complete the work you need done.

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