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Is Your Air Conditioner Telling You It Needs Replacing?

It can often come as a shock when your air conditioning system finally gives up the ghost, leading you to replace it with a new one. But few defunct systems simply fall apart without warning, and most of them will let you know well in advance that the time has come to replace them with a new one. Now is the time to look for such warning signs, before summer hits Bandera, TX, and a new system can be ready to go by the time the first heat wave arrives. Here’s a few quick tips to let you know when to put your old system out to pasture for good.

Excessive Costs

Excessive costs usually stem from one of two sources: either repair bills are too high or monthly cooling costs are too high. In the former case, it usually means that the system requires frequent repairs, or perhaps it only requires a single large repair that costs more than you feel the system is worth. In the latter case, it simply means that wear and tear have taken their toll, and that your monthly cooling bills are much higher than you’d like them to be. Eventually, the monthly pinch to your wallet may force you to consider replacing your system with a more efficient one just to cut down on those high cooling bills


Your system doesn’t need to be replaced just because the warranty expires. Indeed, with proper care and maintenance over the years, your system may be able to last far past its warranty date. But if the warranty has expired and you see your bills going up, or repairs are taking place far more often than you’d like, then a system that’s ten years old or more may readily require replacement.

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