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Look into the Benefits of Rainwater Collection

Kerrville, TX residents pride themselves on self-sufficiency, and in rural parts of the area may depend on wells and other sources for their household water supply. This is in keeping with the hard-won independence of the area, but it does put some burdens on the homeowner to keep their systems running. You also need to have an ace in the hole in the event of a drought or if your well water becomes contaminated. Rainwater collection is an excellent way to do that: capturing, storing and purifying rainwater for proper use in your home. Here’s a quick breakdown of how the system works.

How It Works

In part, many homes already have the basics of rainwater collection down with a gutter system on their rooftops. The roofs need to be inclined to catch the rainwater and kept clear of debris, but otherwise, it sets the stage for the purification process. The rain runs down the gutters and through a filter, which clears up any impurities. It’s then left in a sealed storage device, kept safe from algae growth and other concerns until it needs to be used. At that point, it’s sent through a pressure valve, along with several other filters, then pumped into your home.

You Need Professionals to Service It

The system is quite elegant, and in many cases can store enough water to last a year or more. But the complexities involved means you need a professional service to install it the right way. More importantly, you need that service to keep your system maintained, and to repair it promptly when problems arise. With the right service in your corner, you can expect your rainwater collection system to perform reliably for many years.

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