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The Advantages a Ductless Air Conditioner Can Offer

Have you been circling around the idea of installing a ductless air conditioning system in your home, but aren’t sure if it is a fit for your home? Let us give you some help. While you should always work with a trained professional when deciding on the system you’d like, it’s important to know ahead of time how the system works and what it can offer you. As such, here’s a general overview to give you some of the facts about ductless cooling systems:

Can a ductless system offer whole home cooling?


What are the components of a ductless system?

Ductless systems have outdoor units very similar to that of a traditional split system AC. The outdoor unit contains a condenser and compressor, and if you have a heat pump ductless system, the outdoor unit will also contain the heat pump technology. The indoor blowers are about 3 feet long and each contains its own air filter, set of coils and fan. The blowers connect to the outdoor unit via a conduit drilled into an exterior wall.

How does a ductless system cool?

Once the outdoor unit and indoor blowers have been installed, and each blower is connected to the outdoor unit, the cooling process starts by turning on a single indoor blower.

What kind of benefits can a ductless cooling system offer?

  • Very good energy efficiency – with a ductless system, you won’t ever have to worry about serious air loss due to faulty ductwork, which can tremendously decrease your system’s energy efficiency. You’ll also be able to use only the cooling you want, which will also reduce energy costs.
  • Customized comfort – each indoor blower operates separately, offering you the same kind of customized cooling you would get with a zone control system.
  • Heating and cooling – if you choose to use a heat pump with your ductless system, you’ll have heating and cooling from a single device, streamlining your home’s HVAC.

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