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Benefits a Smart Thermostat Can Offer You

Smart technology has helped make many different kinds of devices more effective and easier to use, and you can manage things right from your phone or tablet. It may seem like a strange idea to make your thermostat “smart,” but there are some tremendous benefits to doing so. However, smart thermostats are even more integrated with your home and HVAC system than a programmable thermostat, so it’s very important to hire a trained expert for installation, repair, replacement or maintenance of your smart thermostat. The certified technicians at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., can help you with all of your smart thermostat needs in Fredericksburg, TX – just give us a call.

The Benefits

Here are some of the main benefits a smart thermostat can offer you and your home:

  • Remote access anywhere there’s wi-fi – you can access your thermostat and all its information from virtually anywhere – all you need is internet access.
  • They can learn – many (not all) smart thermostats are learning thermostats. This means they spend time learning your heating and cooling patterns so that the thermostat can automatically anticipate your needs and perform to them.
  • They work with any upgrades your HVAC may have – do have a dehumidifier or energy recovery ventilator? Your smart thermostat can work with them seamlessly.
  • They learn your climate and daily weather – having access to the internet means your thermostat can download climate information about your location and daily weather so it can heat and cool truly effectively.
  • They can reach you via text – should your heating or cooling experience an issue or shutdown, you’ll know the second it happens because your thermostat will send you text message alerting you to the problem.

As you can see, smart thermostats are really a cut above other thermostats available for your home. If you are interested to see what a smart thermostat can do for you, call our experts today!

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