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Ways Zone Control Is Good for Both Heating and Cooling

Have you gotten so frustrated with the battle over the thermostat that you’ve considered putting a lock box around it? Finding a single setting to make everyone in your home happy is pretty much impossible – but not when you have zone control in your home. A zone control system allows everyone in your home to enjoy the temperature of his/her choice in each zone, ending the battle over the thermostat and taking the stress off your HVAC system as the thermostat switch goes up and down. But to understand how a zone control system helps both your heating and cooling, you need to understand what the system is and how it works.

The Key Is Motorized Dampers

The first step of any zone control installation is the determination of what the zones in your home will be. A zone can be a room, a group of rooms or a floor – the decision is yours. You will work with your trained technician to determine what the zones will be, and then based on the zone layout, your technician will install motorized dampers into your home’s ductwork.

The dampers are connected to a main control panel. Each zone is equipped with a thermostat, and these thermostats are also connected to the main control panel. The main control panel manages the opening and closing of the dampers according to the temperatures set on each thermostat. So, the main control panel is the component that helps maintain the temperature in each zone.

What Are the Benefits of a Zone Control System?

Clearly one of the biggest benefits of a zone control system is the elimination of fighting over the thermostat. But there are other benefits for your cooling and heating:

  • Less stress on your HVAC system – with a zone control system, you can shut off the heating and cooling in a specific zone, reducing the amount of work your system has to do.
  • Saves energy – a zone control system means you only use the cooling and heating you need, which van reduce your overall energy usage.

If a zone control system seems like a good fit for your home in Bandera, TX, give the experts at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., a call today!

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