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When Is the Best Time for New Air Conditioning Installation?

Your air conditioner is nearing the end of its life and you know it will soon need replacement. But if you think it may still be able to run for a little while longer, you may worry about spending money unnecessarily on a new unit. This is an understandable concern, and many homeowners are not quite sure when is the right time to say goodbye to their older air conditioner. In this guide, we’ll tell you some of the signs to look for when deciding whether to replace your system, and why these signs mean that now may be the perfect time for air conditioning installation.

  • Old Age: Unfortunately, any AC will fail at some point, and the best predictor is sometimes the age of the unit. Check with your manufacturer for the most accurate estimate of how long your unit is meant to last. In general, units over ten years old are far more likely to fail.
  • Frequent Repairs: If it seems like you’ve called a technician for repairs again and again, there is a chance that the components of your system are simply too worn to function as they should. This means you may end up replacing part after part, which will be more expensive than replacing your entire unit now.
  • High Energy Bills: A final indicator that it’s time for your unit to go is high bills. When your energy bills spike unexpectedly, it could mean wear and tear on your system is causing it to fail, particularly if you have an older unit.

If any of these signs lead you to believe it’s time for replacement, don’t wait to call a technician. Older air conditioners are inefficient and at a much higher risk of repairs and breakdowns. Besides, broken down units are often more costly to replace, and you don’t want to risk a sudden failure when you need it most.

The best way to determine whether or not your unit needs replacement is by talking to a specialist, like the friendly technicians at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. When you have questions about air conditioning in Helotes, TX don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and talk to one of our experts today!

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