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Why You Need a Whole House Surge Protector

When people think of power surges (also known as voltage spikes), they usually imagine a lightning bolt striking an electrical cable, causing all the lights in a home to suddenly glow bright white and then go to black. This is a realistic scenario…but it is also not one of the more common causes for power surges in a home.

The voltage spikes that are more likely to affect your house on a routine basis are the smaller ones that happen because of power fluctuations along the electrical lines that occur when a large appliance (a refrigerator, air conditioner, heating system, etc.) make an increased demand on the power supply. The voltage imbalance causes a sudden increase in power flow to one or more of the outlets. This may not cause a light to burn out or a circuit breaker to trip, but it can damage precision appliances over time.

The best way to defend against both small and catastrophic power surges is with a whole-house surge protector installed into the electrical panel. You can contact D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. in Bandera, TX for electrical services that will hook up your home for comprehensive surge protection.

What Whole-House Surge Protection Does

You might wonder why you need a whole-house surge protector at all when you already have power strips on the outlets. Power strip are an effective level of defense against surges: they serve as a fuse that cuts off the power from an outlet when it rises above 120 volts, and this helps protect high-end devices like computer hard drives and entertainment systems that contain microprocessors susceptible to high voltage.

However, point-of-use power strips are rarely enough. To protect all of the appliances in your home, you would need power strips for every single outlet, and it would still not be enough since many appliances are hard-wired directly into the electrical system. Power strips are also insufficient defense against massive surges that can come from lightning strikes or utility company errors; these simply overwhelm the power strip and reach the appliance anyway. A whole-house surge protector can defend against these massive voltage spikes because it redirects the energy from the surge down into the grounding of the home.

Having a whole-house surge protector installed doesn’t mean you should throw away the power strips you use for computers and other equipment with microprocessors. It’s always wise to have added layers of protection for valuable appliances…just don’t depend on the power strips alone.

Only professional electricians should install a whole-house surge protector. The device must be wired into the electrical panel, and it must be the proper size for the electrical system. Call D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. when you need surge protection that goes beyond power strips: we are a leading provider in Bandera, TX of electrical services, and we offer quality surge protection throughout the Texas Hill Country area.

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