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Why Is My AC Making That Noise?

covering-earsAs long as your air conditioner is up and running, you may think that everything is hunky dory.  Hey, as long as it’s pumping out that sweet, sweet cool air, right. What? That sound? No, it hasn’t always been doing that, but I’m not too worried. After all, it’s still up and running. So no big deal, right?


Yes, your air conditioner is going to make some noise as it cools your home. No, your air conditioner should not be getting louder and louder or making new, exciting sounds that you’ve never heard before. As a general rule, you’ll want to let a trained professional know when your AC starts to make any sounds that are out of the usual, even if it’s just a louder variation on a fairly normal theme.

Believe it or not, these strange sounds are among the most common of all warning signs that you may need professional air conditioning repair in Spring Branch, TX.

Do You Hear a Banging Sound?

If so, then it is very likely that there is a loose component somewhere in the system. The fan/blower is a likely candidate in this case. You may have lost a screw or fastening in there that is causing the motor or assembly to move around as the fan turns. Whatever the case may be, this is a pretty hard noise to ignore, as well as one suggesting that your air conditioner is at risk of suffering damages due to those components banging around.

Is It Screeching Like an Owl?

If your system is screeching at you, a belt may be worn out. That may not be the biggest deal—until it snaps entirely, leaving your system inoperable! This is precisely why we always say that there is really no such thing as a truly “minor” air conditioning problem. Even those with relatively simple solutions can cause real trouble if given the time. Don’t ignore these sounds if you want to avoid that type of trouble.

Another potential cause of this screeching sound is a lack of sufficient lubrication. There are a lot of different moving parts in your air conditioning system, and you want them to move smoothly. If parts are not well-lubricated, then it is highly unlikely that your AC is going to function as efficiently or reliably as possible. Worse, it could lead to damages if, again, given the opportunity.

Clicking Sounds Count, Too!

A relatively quiet clicking sound may not seem quite as alarming as a loud grinding noise coming from your AC. Don’t be fooled, though. If your air conditioner is clicking constantly, you could have a failing electrical component in the system. Modern ACs have quite a few electrical controls, and the system is not going to be cooling your home much longer if you fail to ensure that you have the problem causing this clicking resolved ASAP.

Don’t take chances with your air conditioner. Schedule your AC repairs with the professional technicians at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc.

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