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Why Is Short Cycling a Problem?

You may have heard the term “short cycling” applied to your heater or air conditioner before. It’s a fairly common problem, though the causes can be quite varied. It’s what happens when your system turns on and runs for a short period of time, then turns off again very suddenly, only to turn on again a few minutes later. It sounds like a very minor problem. Unfortunately, it’s anything but, and the moment you detect it, you need to turn off your air conditioning and call in a trained professional.

Why Is It A Problem?

The central problem with short cycling is that it constitutes a huge waste of energy and places undue strain on your system. Air conditioners use much more power starting up and turning off than they do simply running, and when short cycling takes place, it means that you are wasting a lot of energy. More importantly, it creates a great deal of wear and tear on the system. Not only will short cycling drive your monthly bills up, but the added strain increases the possibility of a more serious breakdown in the future. As a general rule, you want your system to run for at least fifteen minutes at a stretch before it turns of.

What are the Causes?

The causes of  short cycling are numerous, and require a trained technician to identify. The most common is simply an overpowered unit, which cools the air too quickly and engages in short cycling. Unfortunately, the only recourse in these situations is to replace the air conditioner, which is why you should always keep your warranty handy and always size your new system before having it installed. Other causes can include clogged filters, fan motor problems or faulty thermostats, which can usually be corrected without replacing the entire system.

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