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Now is the Time for Whole-House Surge Protection

We live in Boerne, TX, which means that lightning storms and electrical surges are a way of life. Most of us are accustomed to applying a little protection in our homes to keep our expensive electronics safe, particularly entertainment systems, which can cost quite a bit, and computers, which are absolutely essential to functioning in the modern world. But strip plugs are, at best, a stop-gap solution to a long-term problem, and if you’re not careful can soon clutter up your entire home. The solution may be whole-house surge protection, which not only gets rid of the clutter, but can provide a long-term answer to the dangers of electrical surges.

How It Works

Strip plugs adopt a step-by-step approach to the problem: addressing each appliance individually. This is find if you don’t have many appliances to guard, but in our increasingly technological world, that can get very difficult. The whole-house surge protector is installed at the apex of your electrical panel, which means it can handle electrical surges as they enter your home, rather than dealing with them at the end of the line with your appliances.

The Benefits

Whole-house surge protection is extremely efficient, since it automatically covers everything in the home and is built to last (unlike many strip plugs). That lets you make adjustments to your appliances as needed without worrying about how to get the strip plugs involved. More importantly, you never need to worry about it failing, which means your expensive equipment remains protected at all times. And if problems ever arise, you have a service that can perform repairs and maintenance for you.

For a limited time D’Spain is offering whole-house surge protection for just $333! If you’ve been thinking about installing such a system in your home, pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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