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Benefits of LED Lights for Your Outdoor Lighting

Increasing the outdoor lighting for your home is an excellent way to make your home safer and more attractive, as well as to increase the hours you can enjoy outdoor recreational areas, such as pools and patios.

However, those outdoor lights will add up to an immense amount of wattage, making them potentially expensive to run. That’s why we recommend you have LED lights installed for your outdoor lighting in Boerne, TX. Our professionals at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. can help create a new energy-friendly lighting scheme for the outside of your home using LED light bulbs. You will notice the difference when you hire skilled electricians like those on our team.

The Advantages of Using LED Lights

Light emitting diodes (LED) provide light as powerful as that from incandescent and florescent lights, but they require significantly less energy to run. Here are some of the benefits that LED light bulbs provide:

  • Energy saving: Imagine using 80% less energy to power the lights outside your house. That’s a huge difference, and that is what LED lights do. They only lose 20% of the energy they use to heat, where standard bulbs lose 80%.
  • Longevity: The savings grow even larger when you consider the average lifespan of an LED light bulb is 10 times greater than a traditional bulb. The average LED bulb will burn for 100,000 hours, which means it could burn steadily for 11 straight years. You’ll receive 4 times the savings over 10 times the lifespan.
  • Less heat: Because of their high energy-efficiency, LED lights emit a small amount of heat. You won’t have to worry about the lights making summer nights too uncomfortable.
  • Good for the environment: LED lights do not contain harmful elements like mercury that could end up in landfills. And you will send far fewer bulbs to the landfills because of their long lifespans: you can expect to throw away 25 incandescent light bulbs for every one LED light bulb.

LED lights do cost more to purchase upfront than standard bulbs; however, this is a small price to pay when you consider their energy savings and immense lifespan. LED lights start to pay for themselves the moment they first come on. The LED lights now available for outdoor use have expanded from the older narrow-beam models, and they can now fill a variety of functions. Ask your electrical installer about ways to make the most out of your new outdoor lighting set-up with LED light bulbs.

At D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. we offer many different options for outdoor lighting in Boerne, TX and the rest of Texas Hill Country. Contact us today to learn more about our different lighting and electrical services, and the ways that we can help you conserve energy.

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