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Call Us for Wind Mill Repair and You’ll Get…. Oil?

In our area of Texas, we have to be willing to think outside the box to bring fresh water to ranch and farm properties. Our livestock needs this water, as well as our vegetation. One way a lot of our customers access water is by using a wind mill. Using the power of the wind, a pump action is triggered that sucks the water up from below the ground. But we got a lot more than we bargained for recently when we had a repair call for one of our customers.

Sometimes You Haven’t Seen It All

D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., has been servicing customers in Boerne, TX and the surrounding areas for over 40 years. It’d be natural to think that in four decades, our technicians had pretty much seen it all.

We were wrong. We just didn’t know it yet.

This particular repair involved the pump array. In a windmill water pump system, there are several components that make up the pump array: the pump pole, the connector, the pump rod, the stand pipe and the pump. This customer’s pump rod, sometimes referred to as the “sucker rod,” had broken. We repaired this item and then tested our work to make sure a) the rod was working as needed and b) there wasn’t another issue that needed to be dealt with. As we stood with our customer, we allowed the windmill to start turning. As expected, the gears, the pump and the process all began to work well, and clearly the pump was pulling something up the shaft. But when the liquid reached the surface, it wasn’t the fresh water we expected – it was oil. Black gold, Texas Tea, whatever you call it, it was spewing out of the top of that windmill pump! You can see it here:

We were shocked and amazed. Unfortunately, our customer wasn’t. His reaction?

“I don’t need any damn oil.  I need water out here for my horses.  Ask Ray D’Spain how to fix this mess!”

While we can’t guarantee that you’ll pull oil from the ground with your windmill pump, we can guarantee that we’ll get your windmill operating as needed, as we did with our customer later that day. Call us today, and let our D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., experts help you with all of your windmill repair needs!

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