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How to Keep Your Generator Maintained

With spring comes rough weather in Kerrville, TX, and that means your household need to be prepared. That includes a generator, sufficient to power the essential appliances in your home and perhaps enough to power the entire home depending upon your needs. Generators also work well for rural homes that may not be on a civic grid, and which need reliable self-sufficiency to keep their household running. But owing to the nature of generator use—either constantly or only when emergencies arise—you need to make sure there are never any surprises waiting for you.

That means keeping your generator properly maintained and serviced, to ensure that it’s ready to go when you need it. We strongly recommend scheduling a maintenance session with our team, at least once a year and possibly twice if you can. Beyond that, there are steps you can take to keep your system ready, which you should keep in mind when installing a new generator:

  • Keep it Fueled. Generators have a fuel consumption ratio, letting you know exactly how much fuel it consumes in an hour. Always keep enough fuel on hand to last for several days without replenishing, in the event trouble hits and you can’t get more.
  • Keep it Dry. Your generator should never be exposed to the elements or placed anywhere where it can get wet. Always cover it with waterproof material when you aren’t using it.
  • Check it Yourself. A thorough check should be left to the professionals, but you can perform a basic check yourself by loose for frayed wire, loose connections and other signs of trouble. If you’re not sure about anything or you have any questions about a generator’s state, don’t take chances. Call in a trained service immediately.

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