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How to Maximize Your Air Conditioner’s Efficiency This Spring

Spring is here in Fredericksburg, TX and that means the chilly temperatures of winter have given way to warm days and increased use of your air conditioner. You may be feeling the pinch with higher bills this spring, as your system is called upon more and more often. That’s only going to get worse as spring turns to summer and your air conditioner will likely see daily use for months before there’s any let up. In those circumstances, you want your system to function as efficiently as possible, so as not to waste any energy But you still need your home to be kept cool on even the hottest days, and you shouldn’t have to give up on comfort just to save a few bucks in monthly air conditioning expenses. There are ways to do that, however, that it pays to look into.

A Dehumidifier

High humidity makes the air seem warmer than it actually is and puts added strain on your air conditioner as it struggles to make up the difference. You can help it out by installing a whole-house dehumidifier. Not only will it help your air conditioner handle the burden more easily (lowering your bills in the process), but it will make the air feel more comfortable and discourage the growth of mold and bacteria in the corners of your home.

A Zone Control System

Zone control systems are ideal for larger homes and those that struggle with centralized air conditioning. It divides your home into section via a series of valves in your ducts. Every section has its own thermostat and remote control, allowing you to alter the temperature in each section independently of the rest of the house. More importantly, it lets you turn off the air in unused parts of the home, such as spare bedrooms or other places where you don’t expect to be. That can cut down on monthly bills a great deal, as well as reducing the strain on your system,

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