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3 Signs of a Refrigerant Leak in Your AC System

With March arriving in its usual fashion, residents of Kerrville, TX are turning their attention towards their air conditioner, which has likely sat unused over the last few months but which will soon be called upon to get your household through another hot Texas summer. Now is the time to have your system checked out for any lingering problems that it may have picked up over the winter: getting them identified and repaired now means it won’t cause you any trouble when you need it.

Among the most common issues that air conditioners experience over the winter is a loss of refrigerant, which can throw the whole system into disarray and create even larger breakdowns if you don’t get it treated. A technician can usually fix the problem, but first you have to identify a refrigerant leak in your AC system. Here are 3 ways to do that.

1.     Hissing Sounds

When refrigerant leaks out, it usually does so with a tiny leak or puncture somewhere in the system. You can sometimes hear a hissing or bubbling sounds as it escapes, though it can often be very soft. If you do, don’t attempt to run the air conditioner. Call in a repair service as quickly as possible.

2.     Frost on the Coils

When the refrigerant balance is thrown off, the cooling power it facilitates doesn’t go into the air like it should. Instead, it forms frost on the evaporator coils: creating an insulating barrier between the air that needs cooling and the refrigerant.

3.     Reduced Cooling Power

The easiest sign that something is wrong with your refrigerant is either reduced cooling power form your air conditioner or signs that it’s working harder than it should: higher than expected bills, extending running time and so on. Even if it isn’t the refrigerant, such issues need to be properly resolved by a technician.

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