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Make Sure Your Generator Gets Maintenance Before Winter


If there’s one thing everyone in Texas knows, it’s that cold winter weather can result in the power grid being overwhelmed and large numbers of households having outages. Luckily, Texans are also known for having independent spirits, and so many people in our area have generators.

Did you know that your generator should be receiving annual maintenance? As winter nears, making sure your generator is well-maintained is a critical step toward being prepared for whatever weather comes our way.

What Generator Maintenance Includes

When your electrician in Boerne, TX comes to perform generator maintenance, they will have a long list of tasks to complete. First, they will ask if you have any specific concerns about your generator. One of the most important reasons to have regular maintenance done is that, since the generator is not in constant use, it’s easy to miss signs that there’s a problem with it.

All components of the generator will be carefully cleaned. At that point, it will be easy for the electrician to see all the parts and do a thorough inspection. Any components that are worn or damaged will be replaced. Electrical connections will be tested. Batteries and fluids will be checked. And the fuel will also be examined.

The Risks of Old Fuel

Because your generator is not in constant use, it’s possible for fuel to sit, waiting to be needed, for many months or even years. And while fuel doesn’t spoil quickly, it doesn’t stay in good condition forever, either. 

One consequence of fuel aging is that it becomes more viscous. It thickens, like gravy left out too long on the Thanksgiving table. This makes it harder for the fuel to run through the system of the generator, causing friction and slowing everything down.

Another thing that happens as fuel ages is oxidation. This is a chemical reaction caused by the presence of oxygen, leading to a chain reaction that degrades the fuel. Just like the oxidation that happens to the white fruit of a cut apple, turning it brown, certain chemicals are bonding and creating new substances, and these substances are not ones we want in our fuel. 

Oxidized fuel contains impurities. These can create blockages in the pistons and carburetors of generators. They make it harder for the generator to run, causing it to use more fuel than it should. And as the generator works harder and harder, it will begin to overheat. If this goes on too long, the generator can be irreparably damaged.

Warranty Compliance

Having a generator that is under warranty can save you a lot of grief and a lot of money. If a costly component needs to be replaced, or if the generator fails long before it should have, the manufacturer may be responsible for the cost. But warranty agreements almost always specify that annual maintenance must be done by a qualified technician.

You don’t want to have to use your generator at all. You want your power to stay on! But when you do need your generator, you want to be able to count on it working smoothly and efficiently and keeping your household running until the power comes back on. Maintenance will help to ensure that, so you can have peace of mind, whatever the winter brings.

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