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Signs You Need a New Generator

Thunderstorms and other issues are common here in Boerne, TX, and while our civic electrical systems are reliable, no one can tell when Mother Nature is going to have the final word. And that assumes that you as a homeowner are on a civic grid. Many of our customers are located in rural areas where the electrical grid doesn’t reach. A reliable generator is your best weapon in these circumstances, and if properly maintained and you stock up on fuel, it can safely see you through any loss of power. Generators wear out, however, and sooner or later even the most reliable one needs to be replaced. You don’t want to discover this fact when the power goes out and your reliable warhorse suddenly leaves you flat. Instead, learn to look for signs that you need a new generator by evaluating its recent performance, along with several other factors that we’ll detail below.

Fuel Consumption and Repairs

Major repair needs tend to announce themselves pretty quickly, but a lot of generator problems are much more subtle. As parts wear down, they perform  less efficiently . The generator thus consumes more fuel than it should and you find yourself having to get it repaired more and more often just to keep it running. A good service technician can spot these signs during a maintenance session, but if you can carefully keep track of your generator’s fuel consumption, it can make a big difference in spotting the need to have the system replaced.


Your average generator can run for anywhere from 16,000 to 30,000 hours before you should begin to check it regularly. After that, however, all bets are off, and if your generator has exceeded its warranty, you need to watch it very closely for sings that it is fading. An older generator that struggles to start up, that suffers frequent problems, or that is consuming more fuel as detailed above is probably ready to be replaced.

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