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What Generator Is Right for You?

There are many types of generators on the market today. From whole house generators, to portable generators, to commercial sized generators that can run entire businesses or buildings, there amount of information to take in as a homeowner can be overwhelming, to say the least. That being said, generators are an important system that can save you an incredible amount of hassle and even save your life if you depend on electrically-powered medical equipment.

If you’re looking for help with anything electrical in Boerne, TX then it would be wise to know the difference between the different kinds of generators and the situations they each call for. Whether you’re satisfied with a portable system, or need a state-of-the-art generator that runs on natural gas and can supply power to all of your home appliances, we’ve got you covered.

Just keep reading and we’ll get into the details.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Before you settle down on a generator model that looks good for you, you’ll want to run the prices through your budget and also analyze the type of fuel they’ll use. For the sake of this blog post, we’ll assume that you’re not a business or building owner (in that case, portable generators or home-sized generators won’t cut it, you’ll need a commercial generator) and that you’re a homeowner looking to power your house. Let’s take a look at the differences between portable, whole house generators, and all those in between.

Portable Generators

While obviously the cheapest and smallest solution, portable generators are the first tier of electrical assistance during a power outage. Most models run on gasoline and while they’re not the most efficient, or provide the most power, they’re incredibly handy for small events or powering a couple of appliances that are absolutely necessary. If your home is susceptible to power outages and you’re really only concerned about the food in your fridge and charging your phone, then a portable generator might be all you need!

However, there are a few disadvantages with a portable generator. They can be incredibly noisy and release very dangerous fumes, which requires you to run them a good distance away from your home. They aren’t very efficient and the fuel in them tends to become unusable after a while. Again, they’re the cheapest solution but they definitely have their drawbacks.

Whole House Generators

These are the whole shebang if you’re looking to get your money’s worth in a generator purchase. While they’re a good amount more expensive than a portable generator, they run incredibly efficiently and quietly. Whole house generators can detect when a power outage is imminent from the utility line, so they automatically turn on. They often run on natural gas or propane, which means they burn much more efficiently than portable generators. Also—they can provide energy for your whole home!

Everything In Between

These two types of generators aren’t the only ones we offer. There are many generators that exist between portable and whole house solutions. If you’re looking for a compromise when it comes to your energy needs, give our team a call and see what types of generators we have to offer!

If a whole house generator is right for your home, we’ve got you covered. Give D’Spain Sales & Service a call today!

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