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Give Your Plumbing Affection with Video Pipe Inspection

Plumbing systems are usually in dark locations that are far away from where you spend most of your time. If you’re wondering why, it’s because nobody really wants to see their plumbing every day. It feels better using a kitchen sink with the belief that your dirty water goes to some magical place to get clean again.

However, that magical place is your plumbing system and it’s not always going to be in good condition!

That’s where we can help with our video pipe inspection. If you’re noticing slow drains or a clog in one of your pipes, there’s no need to guess at what the problem is anymore. When it comes to plumbing in Boerne, TX let the professionals tell you exactly what’s gone wrong and how to fix it.

Benefits of Video Pipe Inspection

Back in the day when people still listened to the radio and neon patterns were still cool, plumbers used to have a very difficult time diagnosing sewer and drain clogs. There would be many times when a plumber would have to completely replace the sewer pipes of a home, causing thousands of dollars in repairs and lawn damage, only because of a simple clog that couldn’t be located. Many plumbers had their reputations ruined because of mislocated clogs and homeowners who didn’t know just how difficult it was to measure and locate a problematic pipe.

Now? With video pipe inspection, plumbers don’t have to guess anymore. They can locate exactly where a clog is and give homeowners much more data when it comes to the health and wellbeing of their plumbing system.

Evidence of a Clog

Most of the time, a plumber gets called for a drain clog or sewer issue when it’s too late. That means that a plumber has a difficult job of locating the problem, repairing the problem, while keeping it as fast and affordable as possible to get your system back on track. Unfortunately, without a video pipe inspection, that’s incredibly difficult.

  • Locate the clog. With video pipe inspection, locating the clog is as easy as playing a video game. A metal wire is fed down into the drain with a microscopic camera on the end. That camera then travels down your pipes until it reaches the clog. With exact measurements, a plumber will know precisely where the clog is located.
  • Show the evidence. A plumber will show homeowners the footage of the clog so they don’t need to convince anyone of how serious it is. Once you’ve got a good look at a clog, you’ll feel relieved knowing you called a professional!
  • Fix the clog. Whether it requires trenchless drain replacement on a larger scale or just some minor plumbing repairs, a plumber can easily fix a problem when they know precisely where the issue is.

Happy Customers, Confident Plumbers

Technology helps us do a better job of keeping your plumbing in good shape. Video pipe inspection will keep you happy for calling the professionals, while keeping us confident in knowing exactly where the problem is.

Now, all that’s left is to call the best in the business! Contact D’Spain Sales & Service if you’ve got a plumbing need.

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