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What Is a GFCI Outlet and Why Are They a Good Idea?

We all know that water and electricity don’t mix, and the risk of electrical shock is not worth taking a chance with your electrical appliances. However, water can come into contact with your electrical appliances even when you don’t expect it, and other electrical accidents may also occur. That’s why many bathrooms and kitchens contain GFCI outlets, which you may recognize from the “test” and “reset” buttons on the fixture.

GFCI outlets help protect you and your family members from the very real risk of electrical shock. In fact, some municipalities mandate the installation of GFCI outlets in certain areas of home, while most experts strongly recommend them. And some homeowners choose to install these outlets throughout the house for increased safety or to increase the property value.

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How It Works

There are three slots in any modern outlet. The larger left slot is known as “neutral” while the right slot is called “hot.” The hole at the bottom, which is non-existent in older outlets designed to accommodate two-pronged plugs, is called “ground.” The ground is meant to protect you from electrical shock from metal-encased appliances. But a ground-fault circuit interrupter provides even greater protection.

Normally, an electrical current flows from hot to neutral. Electricity flows from hot through the electrical appliance and back to the neutral slot. If something interrupts the circuit, such as water, the risk is that the current will flow to you instead, leading to electrical shock. A GFCI outlet senses any change in the current quickly, shutting off the power immediately.

Why Choose Professionals for Installation

Installing a GFCI outlet is only a job for a trained professional. This is mostly for safety reasons as a technician has the right tools for the job. A trained electrician can also let you know if additional areas of the home need protection as well, such as a laundry room or an outside outlet.

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