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How Does a Geothermal System Provide Heat?

We have a lot of open ground space in Boerne, TX, so why not make it work for you to provide heating (and cooling) to your home with a geothermal system? It can be a little confusing understanding how a geothermal system provides heat for your home, so let us explain in a little more detail below.

How It Works

There are three main components to a geothermal system: the ground loop, the ground-source heat pump and the delivery method for the air, which is either going to be a ductwork system or ductless indoor blowers.

The way the system provides heat to your home is via transference; the latent solar heat in the ground is transferred to your home. How does this happen? The ground loop is buried about 6-8 feet below the surface of the ground; this places it below the frost line. The ground temperature at this level stays a steady 55-61 degrees throughout the year. The environmentally-friendly solution in the ground loop absorbs the heat in the ground surrounding it and transfers the heat to the ground-source heat pump where it is concentrated. Once the compression process is finished, the heat is released into your home.

Why Choose a Geothermal System?

Now that you know how a geothermal system works, why should you consider it for your home? Here are some reasons to ponder:

  • The best energy efficiency – a geothermal system is the most energy efficient of any HVAC system available. This is because for every 1 unit of energy the system uses (which is a small amount of electricity), it gives back 3-4 units. This makes a geothermal system 300-400% efficient.
  • Long lifespans – the equipment on geothermal systems has very long lifespans. The ground loop lasts between 35-50 years and the heat pump lasts about 25 years.
  • Offers both heating and cooling – with this type of system, you can have both your heating and cooling needs met.

If you think a geothermal system may be a fit for you, call the experts at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., today!

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