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Common Heat Pump Problems: What to Watch Out For

service-timeWe service a pretty heat pump-heavy market in this area, which makes a lot of sense. Our winter weather is quite mild and generally quite manageable for the heat pump’s method of heating (meaning the transfer of heat through a refrigerant cycle). While we do deal with many dual-fuel systems that incorporate propane into the equation, there are plenty of homeowners out there that are solely dependent upon their heat pumps for year-round comfort.

That is precisely why any problems with one’s heat pump are of such concern. When a heat pump fails, it can have a serious effect on your comfort regardless of what time of the year it may be. By scheduling prompt repair services, you can limit any potential damages to your heat pump while also limiting the duration of any disruption to your comfort. We excel in all manner of AC repair in Castroville, TX, and we’ve got a few tips to help you spot trouble with your heat pump.

System Won’t Switch from Heating to Cooling

A heat pump is, in essence, a central air conditioner that can reverse its operation. In the summer its refrigerant cycle allows it to absorb heat from the air in your home and to vent it outdoors. In the heating season, it draws heat out of the air outside, compresses the refrigerant, and uses its thermal energy to heat the house.

The system is able to reverse its refrigerant cycle thanks to a component called the reversing valve. If the valve gets stuck in its position, then it will get stuck in that mode. Chances are that you will notice this at the beginning/end of the given season when the time comes to switch the method of operation.

System Won’t Sufficiently Heat or Cool

In some cases, extreme cold can overwhelm a heat pump. In such cases, however, the heat pump’s electric resistance functionality comes into play. It will cost more than its usual operation wherein it transfers heat into your home, but it can typically still function effectively even at very low temperatures.

If your system is failing to heat or cool your home effectively, you may very well be dealing with a refrigerant leak! If this is the case, you really need to schedule repairs ASAP. The longer you run a system that’s low on refrigerant, the more likely it becomes that you’ll wind up dealing with very serious damages—or even complete compressor failure.

System Is Heating/Cooling Unevenly

If you have hot and cold spots in your home consistently throughout the year, it could be that your heat pump is just too small for your home. In such instances, a system replacement is really your only option for resolving the problem.

If the system is appropriately sized, or if the issue is a relatively new development, however, then it may not be to blame. Its air ducts may be the problem. If your ducts are not properly sealed in any given spot, the areas dependent upon that section of ductwork will not heat or cool successfully.

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