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3 Easy Signs for Spotting a Problem with Your Heater

Reliable heating systems are very important to maintaining household comfort levels here in Boerne, TX, and with our home-brewed self-sufficiency, a lot of homeowners may be confident about fixing any problems that arise with theirs. We don’t recommend this, since heaters and furnaces are complex pieces of equipment requiring professional treatment to repair. But canny homeowners can learn to spot the subtle signs of trouble with their heating system, and call in a repair service before the heater suffers a breakdown. Here are 3 of them for your edification. If you spot them, turn the system off and contact a professional technician to get the system fixed.

1.     Low Heat Levels

It’s easy to know there’s a problem if your heater doesn’t come on. But what if it turns on and the levels of heat just aren’t as high as you’re used to? It could be anything form a clogged burner to a problem with the heat exchanger, but whatever it is, it will force your heater to work harder – raising monthly bills and increasing the risk of another breakdown elsewhere – until it gets repaired.

2.     Lack of Air Flow

Sometimes, the heat levels are just fine, but the air isn’t flowing through your ducts. That has the same effect as low heat levels, and can often be even more damaging, since the hot air stays stuck in your heating system and gradually overheats individual component.

3.     Higher Monthly Bills

Sometimes, the issue is as simple to post as looking at your monthly bill and realizing there’s been a spike in costs despite not using your heating system any more than normal. That usually indicates a hidden problem, which a trained professional can hunt down and solve with efficiency and pride.

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