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Things to Consider with a New Generator

We pride ourselves on self-sufficiency here in Boerne, TX, and that applies to home ownership as well as an independent spirit. Many residents live off of the civic electrical grid, and while our city’s grid is eminently reliable, nothing is guaranteed. A new generator is the perfect solution, providing an abundance of electrical energy to keep your home functioning when the power goes out, or as part of living off the grid. But when you install your generator, you need to keep several things in mind in order to make sure it functions the way it should. Here are a few things to consider with a new generator.

Power Levels

Your generator needs to be able to provide adequate power to support all of the appliances in your household. If you don’t want a generator that supports all of it, you’ll need to prioritize those appliances that are necessary (such as your refrigerator) with those that are merely convenient (a home entertainment center). Have a qualified technician conduct an energy audit to determine your exact power needs, then rank them in order of important to determine the best power level for your new generators.


Once the generator is chosen, you need to find the best place in your home for it: somewhere where it can connect to your home’s electrical grid (unless you intend to simply plug all your appliances into the generator), and adequate ventilation to allow the exhaust to escape. It should be clear of obstructions and other objects around the generator, and you should also have plenty of fuel nearby. (It pays to know the fuel consumption of your generator and have enough fuel to keep it running for several days at least.

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