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Ducted vs. Ductless Heating Systems: What You Need to Know

As winter comes to an end, you may be wondering if you’ve used your heating system as efficiently as possible here in Boerne, TX. Or perhaps you plan to renovate your home and you are considering an alternative heating system. There are many options out there. The two fundamental types of HVAC systems are ducted and ductless.

In a ducted heating system, warmed air travels from the furnace through the ducts and is delivered to each room in your home via vents. A ductless system, on the other hand, uses refrigerant lines to transfer heat to multiple air handlers installed throughout your home.

When Should I Choose Ducted Heating?

If your home already has existing ducts, and your ductwork is in good condition, it typically makes the most sense to go with a ducted system.

If you’re concerned with humidity, ducted systems may be a better choice. This is because ductless systems typically doing circulate the air as much, making it harder to remove moisture from the air.

If you want air flow throughout your home, ducted systems provide whole-house air circulation, whereas ductless systems warm each room individually.

When Should I Choose Ductless Heating?

If you don’t have room for ductwork, a ductless air conditioning is the answer. Even if you do have room for ductwork, installing a ductless system could be a much easier process than installing a ducted system.

If you’re looking for a way to improve air quality, there is less dust introduced to the rooms in your home, as forced air is not traveling throughout your space.

If members of your household have different heating preferences, a ductless system is ideal. The air handlers for ductless systems can be independently controlled for different heating needs.

For more information about different types of heating systems and what would be best for your home, contact D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc. today.

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