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Schedule a Maintenance Session for Your Air Conditioner

Have you scheduled a maintenance session for your air conditioner in the last year? If you haven’t, there’s no time like the present. With spring right around the corner, warm weather is well on its way, and you want to ensure that you have a fully functioning air conditioner to keep comfortable. Air conditioner maintenance is essential to avoiding major AC problems in the future.

Why Should I Schedule Maintenance?

During your maintenance session, your HVAC technician will fully inspect your equipment and check for damaged or worn parts. They’ll notify you if there are any parts that need replacing. As long as you follow up on these recommendations, you should be able to avoid emergency repairs later on down the road, essentially saving you money. We’ve highlighted a few other benefits of regular AC maintenance below.

Extended Equipment Life

By staying on top of the repairs that are suggested during your maintenance session, you will help your AC run well over its entire lifespan. One of the top reasons for premature system failure is lack of maintenance.

Improved Energy Efficiency

During your maintenance session, your HVAC technician will make suggestions for repairs, but that’s not all they do. They also clean cooling coils, fan blades, and various other components of your AC system. This helps cool your indoor air more efficiently and prevents your system from working too hard.

Better Air Quality

As dust, dirt, and other debris accumulate inside components of your unit, it can cause blower motor operation problems, affecting the overall airflow. These particles can then get distributed throughout your home, which degrades your indoor air quality. While it’s normal to see a small buildup of dirt and debris in and around your air conditioner, this needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis to ensure good indoor air quality.

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