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The Problem with Improperly Sized Heaters

How big is your heater? No, hold on—don’t just go measure it and report back to us how many square feet it takes up. While that definitely matters in the measurement of your heater, it’s not the whole story. Heaters need to be able to adequately heat an entire home, and that means a specific model should have been installed in your home that’s able to heat the volume of air inside. This measurement of volume before setting a heater up is known as load calculation.

If you had your heater installed by a less-than-perfect heating professional, or even in the case that you installed your heater yourself (which we absolutely do not recommend), this step could have been missed and you could be dealing with a heater that’s too large or small. Do you need furnace repair in Boerne? Or perhaps you might need a whole system replacement?

Let’s figure out the solution to your problem.

Too Large or Too Small?

There are unique problems that come with a heater that’s too small or too large. You can’t really just stop at the fact that you think your heater might be the wrong size. You need to be able to tell if it’s too large or too small. Luckily, we can help you differentiate! Just remember that an improperly sized heater could require system replacement if it’s showing these signs, and you might benefit from a completely new system that’s built for the future.

Too Large

A system that’s too large performs something called short cycling. A short cycling furnace will turn on quickly, heat up the air in your home too fast, and shut down abruptly. It will often run in short, frequent cycles throughout the day in your home which might not seem like a big problem—but it is. Your heater is built to run in normal, long cycles that evenly work all the different components of the system. In a short cycle, the system puts an unnecessary amount of stress on specific components that are not built to handle that. The unit will wear down quicker, start consuming more energy, and it will require frequent furnace repairs over time. If you’re constantly calling us for repairs because of a system that shuts on and off many times each day, then this could be the culprit.

Too Small

A heater that’s too small will simply be unable to heat your home effectively. You might notice that it’s cold in certain areas, no matter what temperature is set on your thermostat. Or you might see your heating bills skyrocket as the system runs all day and is never able to quite keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Either way, a small heater will be stressed just as much as a large one from running too long and possibly overheating. You could get clued in that your heater is too small by needing repairs frequently.

Basically, keep track of how many repairs your system needs and how it functions. If any of what we just talked about sounds familiar, call us for repair or even system replacement if the size is the problem.

D’Spain Sales & Service can provide comprehensive heater replacement that sizes your heater accordingly. Contact us today.

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