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What Are the Benefits of a Modular HVAC System?

If you won a business or work as an office manager here in Boerne, TX, you already know the differences between commercial and residential systems. A commercial HVAC needs to heat or cool the air in a much larger space, as well as tailoring the specifics to match multiple occupants in some cases and adjusting the temperature based on the needs of the specific business. A modular HVAC system, which utilizes multiple units harnessed in common purpose instead of one big unit handling the whole building, provides a number of benefits that you should take advantage of. The more you understand about how they function, the more sense using them makes.

Tailor-Made Heating and Cooling

In the first place, modular units allow you to increase or decrease the power of the entire system without necessitating a wholesale removal and installation. Heating and cooling units needs to be balanced to match the power needs of the business in question – neither too powerful nor insufficiently powerful – and given the ever-changing needs of business, that number can fluctuate quite a bit. Modular units allow you to keep pace with those changes quickly and easily.

Mitigated Damage

If you have a single unit and it suffers a breakdown, it will knock out heating and cooling for the entire space, which can be disastrous if you’re running a business. With modular units, however, the issue becomes much less of a concern. The chances of multiple units breaking down at the same time is minimal, and when one unit fails, the others can pick up the slack long enough for you to schedule repairs.

Rooftop Installation

Most commercial HVAC systems are mounted on the roof, to save space for other aspects of your business. A centralized unit would need to be placed in a specific point, reinforced to reduce the stress of the weight. Modular units, on the other hand, distribute the weight evenly and reduce stress on the building’s infrastructure.

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