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Air Filter or Air Purifier: What’s the Difference?


Your indoor air quality might be affecting you more than you realize. According to the EPA, Americans spend more than 90% of their time indoors, on average. And indoor air is far more contaminated than the fresh air you might breathe if you were outdoors. Everything from chemicals off-gassed by your carpets and furniture to pet dander and mold spores lingers in your home’s air.

With better indoor air quality, you could experience some major health benefits, like fewer asthma attacks and allergy symptoms, better sleep, more energy, fewer headaches, and more. And your home will be cleaner from dust and mold, and even smell fresher.

To improve that indoor air quality, you should consider getting an air filter or air purifier. What’s the difference? We’ll explain.

Air Filtration Systems

Air filtration is a purely physical process. When air passes through a filter, particles are trapped and left behind in the layers of paper, charcoal, cellulose, or fiberglass that the filter is composed of. There are a variety of filter types which can specifically target different concerns and contaminants. Some are able to filter out even very small particles.

Air Purification Systems

With a UV air purifier, instead of simply physically catching the contaminants, they can be destroyed on a molecular level. Ultraviolet light at a certain frequency is lethal to single-celled microorganisms. This includes things like bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. When they’re exposed to this light, the chemical bonds that hold their proteins together are dissolved, leaving the air sanitized. 

The Safety of UV Light

Considering how effective ultraviolet light is at killing germs and microbes, it’s understandable to wonder if it poses a health risk to humans or pets. The answer is no! The light itself is powerful, like a tanning bed, and lengthy direct exposure would have the same health risks as tanning. But in an air purifier, the light is completely contained within the system, so you won’t be exposed at all.

Portable vs. Whole Home

Both air filters or air purifiers come in two distinct categories. Portable versions are smaller, less expensive, and don’t require professional installation. However, they can only process a very small amount of air. This makes them ideal for small, enclosed spaces, such as a studio apartment, individual office, or college dorm room. In a larger space, though, they’d have a pretty minor impact.

Whole home air filters or purifiers are professionally installed to connect to your home’s HVAC system. All the air that passes through, whether you’re using the heat, AC, or fan, will also pass through the filter or purifier. In this way, the air filter or UV purifier can significantly reduce contaminants throughout an entire large house, improving your health, reducing the risk of illness, and keeping your home cleaner and fresher. 

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