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Solar, Submersible, Booster, Oh My! Types of Water Well Pumps


Many people prefer well water because they have total control over it. Things like how often the water is tested for contaminants, what type of treatment it goes through, and whether it contains chemicals like chlorine are entirely up to the homeowner. Some people choose a well because that’s what they grew up with, and it tastes better to them. For others, who live off the grid, a well is the only option.

Whatever your reasons for having a water well, that water doesn’t start where you need it. The aquifers our clean drinking water comes from are underground, and it requires some technology to get it out where we can use it. There are different types of pumps that can be used for well water, and various ways those pumps can be powered. Want to know more? 

Types of Pumps for Well Water

You can only haul a bucket on a rope a fairly short distance. Even if your well water isn’t too far down to accommodate that, hauling water by hand like that is exhausting. Well over two thousand years ago, to save time and labor, a screw-shaped hydraulic machine was invented, supposedly by the Greek mathematician Archimedes, although there is evidence it was used in ancient Assyria. It raised water through a hollow cylinder.

There have been many advances in water pumping technology since then, so you won’t need to hand-crank an Archimedes screw to fill your bathtub. Essentially, there are two ways to move water: you can pull it, or you can push it.

  • Jet Pumps: This is the pulling method. A jet pump uses vacuum suction to draw water up out of a well. Its ability is limited, though, and it can only be used in wells with less depth.
  • Submersible Pumps: This is the pushing method. A submersible pump is submerged deep in the well water. This can be used in wells of a wide variety of depths.

There is one other type of pump you might need to know about if you have a water well: a booster pump. If your well pump brings you water but only at low pressure, you’ll be at risk for backflow, not to mention frustrating showers. A booster pump compresses the water supplied by your well pump, giving you better water pressure in your home. 

Types of Power Sources for Well Water Pumps

The most common way for a well water pump to be powered is with electricity supplied by the power grid. As we all know, this is not exactly 100% reliable, and if the power goes out, you’ll lose your water, too. Many people choose to have backup generators for this reason, while others have well water pumps powered entirely by generators. 

To really achieve energy independence, though, you can choose a method of powering your pump that uses resources we have in abundance: sun and wind. When your water is pumped by solar energy or by a windmill, your service needs can be quite different from the maintenance or repair you might require with a pump that plugs into a standard electrical system. 

Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. Do you need pump installation or replacement, maintenance or repair? Is your pump a jet, submersible, or booster? Is it powered by sun, wind, generator, or outlet? Our team is thoroughly trained, highly skilled, and ready to provide any and all water well services in Bandera, TX.

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