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Indoor Air FAQ: Harmful or Just Uncomfortable?

Do you know whether the indoor air quality in your home is safe for you? Many people are aware of all the pollutants in the air outside and how harmful they can be to your health. You might be surprised to learn that indoor pollutant levels can be significantly higher than you might think.

With people spending most of their time indoors, there is a greater chance for people with respiratory conditions to develop health problems due to poor indoor air quality. We will discuss some of the common air quality problems you should know about to understand whether your indoor air is potentially dangerous.

Getting a better understanding of your home’s indoor air quality can help you understand the importance of getting professionals to install an air purifier in Boerne, TX.

Factors That Affect Indoor Air Quality

It is very easy for homeowners to overlook poor indoor air quality, especially if you become used to all the different smells in your home. Continuing to live while having poor air quality can lead to several potential health problems. We will tell you about the four main sources of pollutants inside your home that can affect indoor air quality.

Mold and mildew

Mold and mildew are fungi that grow in dark and damp places. Modern homes provide much better insulation by staying airtight. Unfortunately, it can also trap a lot more humidity indoors. Mold infestations can develop inside your house in places that are dark and have more moisture. If mold begins growing in the ductwork, it can circulate mold spores throughout the house, causing health problems that can become dangerous for people with breathing issues.

Household products

Various items you use inside your house can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Drain cleaners, pesticide sprays, and even some laundry detergents can release particles in the air that can be harmful to breathe in. The effects of these indoor air pollutants can become severe, especially among young children and older adults.

Building materials

Older homes were constructed with asbestos inside the walls. Asbestos was once used widely to build residential buildings because it acts like an excellent insulator that keeps indoor temperatures comfortable. Unfortunately, breathing in asbestos particles can cause health complications, including cancer. Formaldehyde can also be commonly found in rooms with newly installed carpets, and there isn’t any proper ventilation inside the room.

Indoor Gases

Indoor air quality can also be affected by different gases like carbon monoxide inside your home. These are impossible to detect without the proper equipment. Different appliances like the stove or oven can lead to carbon monoxide buildup inside the house. Breathing in too much carbon monoxide in an enclosed space can be fatal.

If you are concerned about the air quality in your home, you should schedule professional air quality inspection services to determine the extent of the problem. Depending on the severity of the problem, the experts can recommend the right air purification solution to make the air quality safer for everyone at home.

If you are looking for professionals to install an air purifier in Boerne, TX, or you have one that needs repairs or maintenance, simply call upon the pros at D’Spain Sales and Services today!

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