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Get Your Air Conditioner Maintained Today!

Here in Helotes, TX, summer is on the way and longtime residents know exactly that that means: high temperatures, high humidity and a need to keep your air conditioner running on a daily basis. Now is the right time to schedule a proper servicing session for your system, when temperatures are still mild and you won’t have use of your air conditioner every day. It will make a huge difference when summer arrives.

What is a Maintenance Session?

A maintenance session is just what the title implies: a way to maintain your system and keep it functioning at its best. It involves addressing all the little things that can add up to bigger problems down the line, as well as ensuring that they don’t leech efficiency from your system. They include tightening loose bolts, cleaning or changing the filters, lubricating moving parts, recharging the refrigerant if necessary and ensuring that the electrical connections are strong. It also involves running the system for 15-20 minutes and checking it for any potential problems, ensuring that you can get a jump on potential repair issues before they shut your system down.

What are the Benefits?

The most important benefit of a maintenance session is that it lets you get an early handle on repairs. That way, you can schedule a repair session at leisure instead of scrambling after a full-bore breakdown, and will likely save some money on the repairs as well. In addition, a maintenance session helps your system run more smoothly, using less energy and saving you money during the hot summer season. When applied over time, they can help extend the overall life of your air conditioner as well: deferring the day you have to replace it by months or even years.

Call D’Spain, Inc. to schedule a maintenance session for your air conditioner today!

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