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Never Fear, Here’s How to Keep Your Drains Clear

Problematic drains are a tale as old as time. As long as our homes have had plumbing, things have gotten stuck in drains, blocked the flow of water, or made our lives miserable by messing with our sanitation standards. We’re not here to talk about the history of drains, though, since with technology and scientific breakthroughs we have today there are some clear solutions to the problems you might be encountering.

Plumbing is less guesswork than people think. When becoming a plumber in Hondo, TX there are a lot of guidelines, licensing procedures, exams, and certifications that must be acquired before you can accurately assess how to fix a drain. Since science plays such a huge role in clearing your drains, we’d like to impart some knowledge on how you could use these scientific strategies to combat slow or blocked drains today.

How Bad Is Your Problem?

First, we must assess just how bad your drain clog is. If you try every single solution we provide either through this post or on the phone, and you still can’t drain wastewater properly, then you’ve got to schedule service with us. A professional team like ours that’s been in the business for 40 years has the heavy-duty equipment that is needed to clear even the toughest drains. Keep that in mind as we go forward.

Avoiding FOG

No, I’m not talking about the weather. FOG is a term that’s widely used in the plumbing industry, also known as fats, oils, or grease. When we tell homeowners to remove sending their FOG down the drain, it’s because these materials are liquid when they’re warm and quickly solidify when they cool in your drain. This can be a major cause for drain clogs down the line because, over time, these materials compound inside your drain to eventually block it. They’re mostly not water-soluble, which means the water from your kitchen won’t be able to break them down, either. It’s a better idea to dump fats, oils, and grease into the trash to avoid this ever happening in the first place.

A Physical Solution

Vinegar and baking soda don’t always have the necessary power to deal with tougher clogs though. Sometimes a physical solution is required, like that of a drain snake or a plunger. Drain snakes are wiry appliances that can be fed into your drain, hooking onto the debris or problem-causing substances like a thorn, and pulling them out. Plungers, on the other hand, create a seal and pressurize the air in your drain, causing the increased pressure to squeeze out the clog handily. These two solutions have been around forever and can deal with most household clogs.

Something More

Don’t be alarmed if nothing we’ve mentioned worked. Sometimes you need a more industrial solution to your drain cleaning problem. Our team has access to industrial-strength drain snakes and plungers, as well as hydro jets that provide an exceptional performance of clearing pretty much any drain. By calling our team and letting us take a personal look, we guarantee your drain will be cleared in no time.

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