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Protect Your Drain With a Mesh Screen

Have you ever been frustrated with a shower drain that’s starting to get clogged, but you just paid for a drain cleaning only a year ago? It can sometimes feel like there’s just nothing that can be done about clogging materials. Well, there is something that can be done about the materials clogging your shower and your kitchen sink, and we’re here to talk about it!

You’ll still need to invest in a professional plumber in Boerne, TX, but you won’t need to be so frustrated in between drain cleaning appointments. With the help of a mesh screen, your drain can avoid most of the large contaminants that would otherwise cause clogs to build up. And, to make things even easier, you can just toss the materials that get caught in the screen in the trash where they belong!

Let’s talk about some great benefits that come from such a simple device.

How a Mesh Screen Works

A mesh screen is usually made out of the same material as a kitchen strainer. It stands at the barrier between your sink or shower and the drainage system. These components work great for both bathroom appliances like showers and sinks, as well as kitchen sinks, because they basically catch all materials that might be too large to fit through their small holes. This make sure that only water and dissolvable materials make it into the drain.

Mesh screens are wonderful components that can help improve the lifespan of your drain system.

Contaminants That a Screen Protects From

Here are just a few contaminants that a mesh screen protects you from:

  • Foodwaste. Those chicken bones and coffee grounds should never enter your plumbing system. A mesh screen will stop them in their tracks!
  • Hair. Hair can be an insidious clogging material in your shower drain. A mesh screen will be a great place to catch any loose hair so it can be thrown out accordingly.
  • Plastic. A lot of our food comes in plastic packaging, which can sometimes get lost in the sink while we’re washing meat or produce. Thankfully, a mesh screen will stop that plastic from entering the drain, where it would otherwise become a huge clogging material.

A Screen Doesn’t Replace a Drain Cleaning Appointment

We want to be absolutely clear–a mesh screen is a really helpful tool for your kitchen or bathroom drain, just like a plunger or a drain snake, but it doesn’t replace professional drain cleaning work. Professional plumbers have access to powerful tools like hydro jets that are specifically designed to remove even the worst contaminants that build up and cause drain clogs. Also, drain cleaning services can help keep your drains free of materials that might cause leaks down the line. You should always evaluate how serious your drain clogging problem is and find a solution from there.

For instance, if you’ve got multiple drains that are clogging up, this could be a signal that your sewer has a serious problem. There’s nothing that a drain snake or a mesh screen can do about that, and you’ll need proper plumbing services!

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