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The Three Main Types of Leaks

Leaks are brutal when they occur. We’ve all been there when a leak has caused a complete disruption in our lives and we start furiously searching online for what to do. The stress and commotion of having a leak in your home can be enough to ruin anyone’s day, which is why we’d like to shed some light on this type of situation.

Different leaks have different solutions. In order to have your leaks properly cleaned and patched, it’s important that you get them addressed by a professional. The plumbers on our team can patch your leaks, no matter what size they are, and get your home in working order again.

That being said, as your local expert plumber in Boerne, TX, we think it’s time we talked about the three major types of leaks and what can be done about each one.

Three Leak Types

Obviously, just trying to fix every single plumbing leak that can occur into three categories is tough. Your home is going to have leaks that are unique to it, and only a professional plumber is going to be able to tell why and to what effect. Think of the following information as a 101 course on plumbing leaks. It’s an introduction to the different types of leaks but it’s not going to give you all the answers you need. For those answers, call one of our plumbers!

Pinhole Leaks

Pinhole leaks are tiny leaks that can be nearly impossible to detect. They might drip every now and then, or they might be completely silent. They also usually occur in basements, crawlspaces, and other areas of your home that you don’t spend very much time in. Since they’re not gushing water, you’ll likely be going about your day as usual while under the effect of a pinhole leak.

Here’s a good rule of thumb: turn off all your water-using appliances and head outside to check your water meter. If it’s showing that your water is still being used even if there are no appliances that are using it, then you’re suffering from a pinhole leak that’s nearly undetectable otherwise. Call our team for help when you find this out!

Moderate Leaks

Moderate leaks are the most common types of leaks we see. If the P drain under your sink starts leaking, or if you’ve got a bucket underneath a pipe in the basement that’s constantly leaking, that’s what we would call a moderate leak. Unfortunately, just because it was easier to detect than a pinhole leak doesn’t mean it’s easier to fix. You’ll still need the help of a professional to get this addressed.

Gushing Leaks

We’re all familiar with gushing leaks. From either personal experience, or from seeing them in cartoons and movies, these leaks start gushing water all over your bathroom, kitchen, or basement. The first thing you should always do in this kind of situation is turn off your water. Without water to leak, you won’t have as much clean-up to do afterward. Then, call our team for help so we can plug it or replace the pipe that ruptured.

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