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Understanding the Difference Between a Water Softener and a Water Filter


If you’re not delighted with the quality of the water in your home, you might be researching water treatment options. But there are so many! It can be hard to know the details of exactly what you need and whether any given water treatment system can provide it. To help you sort through your water treatment options, we’ll discuss how water filters and water softeners work, and when you might need them.

More than Just H20

We all know that water is technically composed of hydrogen and oxygen. So how is it that water from different wells can taste so different or even be different in color? Water is an amazing solvent, which means it is extremely effective at dissolving things. This is why we use it for cleaning. But it also means that it dissolves a tiny amount of everything it passes through and carries whatever it is along. This could be almost anything: bacteria like E. coli, stinky but harmless substances like sulfur, potentially-healthy minerals like iron and calcium, or dangerous heavy metals like lead.

Water Softening Systems

When water is high in mineral content, it is called hard water. If the water in your home is hard, it can have wide-ranging impacts.

  • Difficulty Sudsing: Water that is carrying a lot of minerals simply does not allow soap to lather well. This can mean undissolved soap residue and lingering dirt or mess on your laundry and dishes as well as difficulty sudsing your soap and shampoo in the shower.
  • Physical Concerns: While there is no significant negative health impact to having hard water, it can cause dry skin and limp, stringy hair.
  • Staining: Iron in particular can cause plumbing fixtures and the areas around them to be stained yellow, orange, or brown.
  • Buildup and Occlusion: As the water passes through pipes and over surfaces, it deposits some of the mineral content as scaling or buildup, which you can see in places like your shower head but which will also be obstructing water flow in places you can’t see like your water heater.

A water softener in Boerne, TX passes all the water that enters your home through a canister of sodium. The mineral ions are strongly attracted to the sodium and become trapped there, allowing the water to flow to the rest of your home with a much lower mineral content.

Water Filtration Systems

If you suspect that there’s something other than these benign minerals in your water because the taste, smell, color, or even texture of the water seems off, or because of unexplained symptoms of illness in your family, the first step is comprehensive water testing. Once our team of well water experts knows exactly what’s going on with your water, we can help you to choose a filtration system that is ideal for removing the specific contaminants your water contains. 

When you’ve got misgivings about your water, it’s not worth risking your health and wellbeing or tolerating frustrating damage to your plumbing. You and your family deserve clean, uncontaminated drinking water, and we want to help you get it.

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