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Ways You Can Lower Your Need for AC Repairs This Summer


Needing to get your air conditioner repaired during the summer is no fun, especially if it’s the middle of a heat wave and your AC has stopped functioning entirely.

While we’re happy to come fix air conditioners at any time of year, we also want our customers to be as happy as possible, and that means keeping air conditioners running, not just fixing them when they break.

We’ve got some great advice about how to make sure your air conditioner runs smoothly all summer with as few problems as possible. 

Professional Maintenance

Research has shown that 85% of potential AC repair needs can be eliminated with professional maintenance! This needs to be done annually, so if you haven’t had it done since last spring (or longer) you should schedule it now.

Cleaning, inspecting, testing, and lubricating the various components of your air conditioner will make it more efficient and more effective, will catch tiny issues before they develop into big problems, and will reduce wear and tear so the system won’t be straining to accomplish the challenging task of cooling a home throughout a Texas summer.

Air Filter Changes

Thorough annual maintenance needs to be done by someone with extensive training and qualifications. But this maintenance task should be done by you! Once a month throughout the heat of summer, and at least every third month when AC use is less constant, the air filter needs to be changed.

This will cut down on dust and particles gumming up the works inside the system, and will keep plenty of air flowing through so nothing overheats. Some filters are disposable and should simply be replaced with new ones. Others are reusable. Those can be washed, dried, and slid back into place. If you aren’t sure how to go about this process, check your owner’s manual, or reach out to us with any questions. 

Program Your Thermostat

Limiting the amount of time that the air conditioner runs won’t just save you money on your utility bills. It will also cut down on wear and tear, which means your AC unit will need fewer repairs and will even have a longer life expectancy.

Make sure you’re only keeping the house truly cool when people are home. If you’re out all day every day, the thermostat can be set higher and the house can still cool down quickly enough for your family to be comfortable in the evening. 

Use Your Ceiling Fans

First, make sure your fans are set to rotate counter-clockwise. Then make sure to use them to keep the air moving when you’re home. Because your body cools itself via evaporation, you’ll be cooler when more air particles brush against your skin. This will allow you to keep your thermostat set a bit higher because you’ll feel just as cool as you would in still air that was a lower temperature.

Prompt Repairs

Finally, a point that won’t save you from having repairs done, but will help you avoid large, expensive repairs. If there’s a problem, address it right away. Many AC issues can worsen quickly if left unaddressed. If you hear a funny noise, notice a drop in cooling power, or experience anything else unexpected, get AC repair in Spring Branch, TX right away.

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