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Water Softeners are Vital for Well Water

We have a lot of rural homes in the Fredericksburg, TX area, which means a lot of homes that aren’t connected to any civic water grid. These homes usually use well water or similar sources to provide for their families, which means they need to ensure that their system is maintained the right way. We strongly recommend using a water softening system if you use well water. It will improve the quality of life in numerous ways as well as preventing wear and tear on your pipes.

What is Hard Water?

Hard water is simply water with a high mineral content, usually calcium and magnesium. It’s not harmful — both minerals can be absorbed by the body — but it gives the water a distinct metallic taste that you can usually detect. It also creates that crusty build-up you find on your faucet and shower heads, and can lead to a number of other issues as well. It’s not catastrophic, but it’s not a desirable state of affairs either, and if you get your water from a well, chances are it’s going to be a constant issue.

Water Softeners to the Rescue

A water softeners simply removes the mineral content from the hard water before sending it on to your home. Besides rendering your drinking and cooking water tastier and better for you, it removes those crusty deposits, and help eliminate that red raw feeling you may experience after taking a shower. Water softeners help with laundry too. Softer water means your clothes will look brighter and last longer, helping to extend your family’s household budget. Water softeners require professional installation and routine maintenance to do their jobs, but the results speak for themselves, and can render your home a better place to be!

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