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What to Know about Well Irrigation

well-irrigation-servicesWe handle a lot of well services for local clients who live in rural areas. Private wells or shared wells make an excellent means of providing safe potable water from a home that might otherwise struggle with its water supply. Private wells can also be used to provide irrigation, either for farming or simply to provide the greenery in your yard with sprinkler water. Either way, that might mean digging a specific well, called an irrigation well on your property. A trained expert is absolutely necessary when planning and conducting such an operation.

The Basics

Our part of the world has a high amount of bedrock, which can lead to problems with hard water if one isn’t careful. That has a bearing on the kind of well you can dig on your property. If you need well irrigation for a small garden or similar use, you may be able to go with a more shallow well, called a dug well. It usually runs less than 50 feet deep and requires less time and equipment to create. Otherwise, you’re likely looking at a bedrock well, which takes more time and resources to dig.

Your Needs

Every property is different, and therefore the specific needs you’ll have from well irrigation system are unique. This, too, has bearing on the well you’ll be digging. As a general rule, you usually need a well that produces 10 gallons of water per minute to provide adequate water for irrigation. There may be some specific filtration issues as well, though irrigation water doesn’t need to be as pure and potable as water in your home does.

The question of location becomes important to your needs as well. A well placed on a more distant spot on your property will require more piping and often a create expense than one placed closer to the areas it needs to irrigate which will have a bearing and where you drill and how much time the operation requires. This is one of the reasons why you need a trained professional to dig and prepare your new well for you. They can make the proper calculations and ensure that the well is located exactly where you need it to be.

Leave the Specifics to Us

In addition, well irrigation requires knowledge of the various codes and permits governing water use in the area. That includes not only the specifics of the well itself but the proper use of any heavy equipment that might be involved, as well as agreements on possible communal use of the new well. The right team can also be available to perform periodic testing of your new well, to check for potential contaminants and to ensure that all the components of the system are performing as expected. Furthermore, they can help you plan the operation in advance, leaving as little as possible to guesswork and ensuring that you don’t run into any unexpected snags when the drilling begins.

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