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Do You Need Windmill Repair?


Whether you’re supplying an irrigation system, providing for livestock, or simply filling a storage tank, a windmill is the ideal way to draw water up from an underground aquifer. Windmills are the original “green” technology, using the wind—which we have in abundance—to get all manner of jobs done.

If you have a windmill to provide pumping power for your water well, you’re free from reliance on the power grid, and you aren’t paying outrageous electric bills no matter how much water you pump. But as simple as a windmill is, it is still a piece of technology. Like anything mechanical, a windmill accumulates wear and tear over time. Sudden problems or damage can occur. How can you tell if you need windmill repair?

Signs that Your Windmill Requires Repair

If you notice any of the following concerns, you should consult a professional for windmill repair in Boerne, TX.

  • Visible Damage: This is the most obvious indicator that repairs are necessary. If you can see damage to any part of the windmill, either from gradual deterioration or from something sudden such as being hit with storm debris, don’t ignore it. Get the repairs you need before the problem worsens.
  • Sounds: If the windmill makes any unexpected noise such as screeching or clunking, it’s struggling with an issue that needs to be corrected. It may be an alignment issue causing components to grind against one another.
  • Movement: Your windmill should spin freely and smoothly. If it’s off-kilter, tipping one way or another, or if it is getting caught or stuck, it won’t be accomplishing the task of pumping your water as well as it should be. It will also be causing a lot of strain for the system overall.
  • Performance: If you’re not achieving the result you expect and are wondering why you’re having water problems, you should have your windmill checked over. It’s possible that a simple windmill repair could save you from all kinds of bother and inconvenience.

The Importance of Prompt Repair

When something goes wrong with your windmill, it’s crucial that you address it as soon as you realize there’s a problem. It’s all too easy for a minor concern to turn into a massive problem requiring much more extensive repairs. It’s even possible for something seemingly small to spiral into so much damage that your windmill needs to be replaced.

For example, your windmill was designed and built to handle a great deal of force and pressure—from the wind, from the torque of the turning motion, and from the weight of itself. But it was made to handle force in specific directions. When something is out of alignment, extreme force can be applied in ways the windmill was not designed to withstand, and wear and tear will accumulate quickly.

Don’t let a minor problem get any worse. Get professional assistance and get your windmill back to providing for all your needs with total efficiency.

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