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3 Things to Remember When Getting AC Installation

Air conditioner installation is a huge decision. It’s usually an investment that requires a lot of money and can be for a long-term solution. Anyone who has ever bought a car or a house knows how difficult these decisions can be. That’s why it’s important to have all the facts when diving into air conditioner installation.

Before you call up your local expert for air conditioning installation in Boerne, TX take a step back. Central air conditioners are not the only systems out there. Not only that, but they’re also dependant on air ducts in your home. Do you have air ducts that are in good enough quality to be used by a central AC unit?

Keep reading. We’ll get into three important things to think about before you call for air conditioner installation services. It’s always better to be well informed when making a decision like this.

Pay Close Attention

The most difficult thing about deciding which air conditioner to purchase is the gravity of the situation. A poorly installed air conditioner can end up costing a lot of money to replace. Likewise, choosing a system that just isn’t right for your home can be a huge bummer. Pay close attention to some of the tips we have to ensure you never fall into that position.

Your Ductwork

Many air conditioners require air ducts in order to function at all. Don’t get pigeon-holed into thinking that you need ductwork to cool or heat your home either. We’ve encountered many homeowners who went through expensive and intrusive duct installation only to find out afterward that ductless heating and cooling systems exist. Ask your local professional HVAC technician about ductless options if you don’t have air ducts. Make sure that the system you want in your home will work with your ducts as well.

Your Heating Needs

This might sound like it doesn’t matter but hear us out. When looking for an air conditioner, it’s important to note if you also need a heating system. Many air conditioning systems these days also function as heating systems. Heat pumps and ductless systems, for instance, provide heat during the winter as well as cooling during the summer. You might not need to dump all that money into a furnace installation if you can kill two birds with one stone!

Ask for a Professional Opinion

Do you think the air conditioning system you want is right for your home? What would be the difference between having a central air conditioner and a heat pump installed? The answers to these questions will always differ depending on your home and your cooling needs. The only person who can provide thorough, concrete answers to these questions is a professional technician. They know these systems and can give you an honest opinion on whether or not they’re right or wrong for your home.

Don’t be afraid to try new things! Ductless air conditioners might seem strange to certain homeowners, but they’ve made a lot of people happy. An alternative cooling solution can sometimes be perfect for unconventional homes.

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