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Air Conditioning Problems Late in the Summer

Summer doesn’t always follow the calendar here in Boerne, TX: starting earlier and running longer than most of us would like. Late August and early September are a particularly busy time for air conditioning repair calls, as months of use take their toll and air conditioners still need to be up and running for a few more weeks at least. While you should never attempt to conduct air conditioning repairs yourself — proper training and licensing is an absolute necessity — you can do yourself a favor by watching for air conditioning problems late in the summer, and responding quickly when they arise.

General Signs

General signs of air conditioning problems late in the summer include anything that doesn’t correspond to the system’s usual functioning. They can include, but are not limited to:

  • Higher monthly bills (resulting from increased energy used to compensate for an ongoing problem).
  • Strange noises: hums, bangs, whistles, groans and anything else you don’t associate with the system’s normal functioning.
  • A lack of cool air emerging from the vents: even air that is cool, but not as cool as it should be.
  • Reduces air flow emerging from the vents.

Possible Causes

Air conditioning trouble can come from anywhere, and the list of possible problems can be endless. With late summer problems, however, the cause often involves worn parts or parts that are struggling under the strain of constant use. The list can include:

  • Leaking refrigerant, reducing cooling power.
  • Clogs in the drain line or blockages in the vents.
  • Worn capacitors, which provide an electrical charge to run key systems.
  • Friction on moving parts, especially around the fans of can motors.
  • Compressor problems, which can affect the air conditioner’s cooling power.
  • Clogged filters or similar maintenance issues.

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