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Check the Drain Lines in Your Air Conditioner

With the weather starting to cool off here in Helotes, TX, now is an excellent time to address any specific issues your air conditioner may have and get them taken care of before you need to turn your attention to your heating system. Among the common issues we encounter this time of year are problems with the drain pan and the drain line, which have minor causes but can result in serious damage to your system if you’re not careful. The good news is that a qualified technician can usually fix the problem properly.

What Do The Drain Lines Do?

As your air conditioner cools the air, the reduction in temperature shifts the ambient moisture from gaseous to liquid form. The droplets coalesce and drip down into the drain pan, where they are safely collected and removed from the system with the drain line. Otherwise, they might drip onto electrical components or cause similar damage.

What Causes Problems?

The trouble with drain lines and drain pans is that relatively simple issues can cause problems. For instance, a misaligned drain pan can cause the liquid to drip and spread to other components, as can a clog in the drain.

How Do You Correct It?

For one-time problems, the issue can usually be fixed by a professional without too much fuss (realigning the pan, clearing the clog, etc.) Recurring problems, may need more extensive solutions, and with the high humidity levels in Texas, problems with the drain line can recur more often than not. If you have an older system, you may want to have an automatic shut-off switch installed, which shuts down the AC whenever the pan threatens to drip over. You might also think about having a larger pan installed to handle the added demand of our humid atmosphere.

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