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How to Get Zone Cooling in Your Home

It can be challenging to meet your entire home’s cooling needs with a single thermostat, particularly if you have a multi-story home or one with specialized architecture, such as floor-to-ceiling windows. One of the best ways to achieve the kind of cooling you want space-by-space is to consider the installation of zone cooling, also known as zone control. There are two ways to install zone cooling in your Boerne, TX home: install a ductless system or install a zone control system into your ductwork. 

Zone Control System

Zone control systems are used with ducted cooling systems because the main component is a motorized damper that installs into all the supply ductwork. Once you have established your home’s zones with your technician, he/she will install the motorized dampers; these dampers are connected to a single control panel. The second step is to equip each zone with its own thermostat, and these thermostats are also connected to the control panel. The control panel then manages the opening and closing of the motorized dampers to maintain the temperatures set in each zone.

Ductless Cooling

A ductless cooling system is comprised of an outdoor unit that has heat pump technology and individual indoor blowers that connect directly to the outdoor unit via a conduit placed in an exterior wall. A single outdoor unit can support up to 4 blowers, and each blower operates independently. The blowers are about 35” long and mount flush to walls and ceilings, and each has a fan, coils and a small air filter. Because each blower works independently, the system automatically provides you with zone cooling or cooling for your home.

Benefits of Zone Cooling

  • Better energy efficiency – with zone cooling, you heat only the areas of your home that you need to, which helps save energy.
  • Customized comfort – you don’t have to worry about uneven cooling or having a room or area become too hot or cold with a zone cooling system.
  • Less stress on your system – using only the amount of heat you need means your system can operate less, which puts less stress on it.

If you think your Boerne, TX home can benefit from zone cooling, call the experts at D’Spain Sales & Service, Inc., today!

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