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Noises and Nuisances: Sounds that Signal AC Repair

Close your eyes, and imagine a serene summer day. The birds are chirping, you’ve got a nice cup of coffee and a book, and everything seems right with the world. Until the neighbor revs up their lawnmower to bring a loud crash to your morning meditation.

Sounds that are unexpected and prolonged can often be irritating. This goes double for your air conditioner because a noise usually indicates that something is wrong. Anxiety, panic, and depression can usually set in when you hear your AC make a noise, because it could be a bad sign for your wallet.

Calm down. We’re the experts on air conditioning in Kerrville, TX and we’re here to tell you that it’s going to be okay. Take a look below to see the usual suspects of AC noises and how we can help.

Sounds to Be Aware of

While we could talk forever about the different noises to be wary of in an air conditioner, we’re going to focus on three of them. These three sounds that an air conditioner make are important to look out for, since each of them will require repair needs. Ignoring any one of these three noises can lead to some serious problems for your wallet and your comfort, so make sure you keep us on speed dial and pay attention!

Bubbling and Hissing

Bubbling and hissing is a sign that your air conditioner is suffering from a refrigerant leak. Refrigerant is integral to the functionality of your cooling system, so when it starts leaking, you know there’s going to be a problem. Bubbling signifies that air bubbles are starting to form in your refrigerant line and the hissing noise is telling you that the gaseous refrigerant is leaking out. Either of these noises are bad and will lead to serious problems down the line.

Short Cycling

When your air conditioner runs, does it run for solid, long periods of cycling? Or does it run in short bursts that only last for a few minutes? If it does the latter, then you’re probably the victim of a short cycling air conditioner. Short cycling is what happens when your air conditioner is leaking refrigerant or is too large for your home. The system tries to compensate for the low refrigerant or large size by running frequent, short cycles. This consumes way more energy and puts more stress on the system because the start-up and shut down process of your AC is one of the most energy-intensive things it performs. Get this problem checked out as soon as possible for the sake of your wallet!

Rattling and Clanging

Rattling is a simple diagnosis—something is loose inside your air conditioner. When the rattling is a lighter pitch and a softer sound, it’s probably something small like a screw or a tiny component. However, when a broken piece gets larger, it can start to make a clanging noise and eventually lead to some serious problems. The earlier a rattling or clanging noise is addressed, the better off your AC will be and the more likely you’ll avoid serious complications.

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