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Let’s Talk About Your AC Warranty

This is a magic word in the HVAC industry. When we say “warranty,” we often see homeowners’ eyes light up with excitement as it usually equates to savings and peace of mind. We understand why, having someone else pay for all the repairs and maintenance for a system while it’s under warranty is an amazing feeling.

However, if you’re one of our many customers out there who are still looking to reach that warranty stage of owning an AC, keep reading. We’re going to talk about why warranties are so important when it comes to air conditioning in Boerne, TX. We’ll discuss things you should always avoid and best practices to keep your warranty as long as possible and allow your wallet to reap the benefits.

Warranties are amazing tools for keeping AC systems in good shape. Sign up with us and take a look at the warranties we offer!

What Is a Warranty?

For those homeowners that might be a little “lost” reading this blog post, don’t worry, we’ll explain what a warranty is. A warranty is something placed on a product by a manufacturer to extend the lifespan of the system and offer customers a unique buying point. In the case of an air conditioner, a reputable manufacturer will place a warranty on one of their products to protect your investment and give you the time to enjoy your purchase without worrying about problems.

Warranties pay for any repair needs or whatever is specified in the timeframe that the warranty is effective. Basically, as long as you don’t break your system with your own two hands, your warranty will keep it protected for a period of time. This always saves you money and allows you to enjoy your system!

What Happens to a Warranty?

A warranty can end in two ways.

  1. It expired. It has expired and all further repairs or replacement jobs are going to be your responsibility. This is the best outcome because it means you’ve enjoyed the entirety of your system’s warranty and you can see the expiration date coming. Take your time to prepare for the end of a warranty this way. We can even advise you to take the next steps when your warranty ends!
  2. It’s voided. This is a worse outcome. Warranties are only valid on systems that follow guidelines. One of those guidelines is usually only allowing a trained professional technician to perform repairs on the system. Another guideline can be that your system needs to be maintained every year for it to remain under warranty. If you don’t follow whatever is specified in your warranty, it could be voided and you could now be held liable for all repair costs going forward.

Is My Warranty Still Valid?

Call us and let’s talk. Every system is different and we can help you determine whether your warranty is still valid or not. If it is, we can perform maintenance on your system anyways to help it stay afloat this year. If it’s not valid, then we can advise you to take some next steps that will save you money and time.

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